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4 years ago · 1 MIN READ

Hey welcome to my blog.

Let me briefly introduce myself and explaine what this blog is all about.

Who am I?

My name is Sebastian Baum and I am working as a professional software developer for ion2s GmbH in Darmstadt near Frankfurt a.M. in Germany.

I'm luckily working in a very versatile web based project where I get in contact with a variety of technology. Almost every day there are challenging tasks where I learn a lot of new things. And I'm not limited to just coding. Since our team is a small one I also have operational tasks like server administration and configuration.

What is this blog all about?

Maybe you also have been happy one day because you found solutions to your problems/tasks online in a forum or someone's blog. That happend to me a lot of times, too. So I want to contribute by documenting and sharing solutions that helped me. And maybe there will be a solution or some inspiration to help you. If that is the case or you can tell me how to do something better and easier then feel free to leave a comment.

What to expect?

I will mainly blog about:

And I won't blog anything about Windows. ;-)

Stay in contact

You can find me here:

And you won't find me on facebook! :)


Sebastian Baum

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